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A few preliminary lists from my Toledan Table project are offered for perusal, or in case you want to adopt the symbols used for references to manuscripts or tables. References to tables are here prefixed with a hash character # for easy searching. This will be eliminated eventually: thus, the table reference #GA21 will be simply GA21. The same thing applies to the caret ^ prefixed to alternative references, generally the numbers in T(oomer), *Osiris* 15 (1968).

List of manuscripts
List of tables
Table-numbers in Toomer 1968

The files below may be useful in connection with the edition. The inventory files are old ones, only slightly edited for the present purpose; many of the references are obsolete, and many of the readings have since been replaced with better ones. The files do offer some detail that has not made its way into the edition.

A primitive index to the manuscript descriptions in the edition, section Pr:06 (750 KB)
Zip file of same with DOS-style newlines (270 KB)
Inventories of canons Ca (150 KB) | Notes to same (10 KB)
Inventories of canons Cb (601 KB) | Notes to same (49 KB)
Inventories of tables, with main headings (960 KB)
Some selected tables in ASCII format
Glosses to canons Cb in mss. Xn H Oy Xc (876 KB)
Selected glosses to canons and tables (277 KB) | Notes to same (28 KB)

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