Description of the PAPY-list

There are, as of October 2008 some 680 subscribers to PAPY. Traffic is light and weeks sometimes go by without messages, so don't sign on for entertainement.

Signing on (and off) or changing your address is most easily done through the internet at but if you prefer to do so by e-mail, write to and just put help in the subject line. This will produce a mail with explanations.
You will receive a password in order to access your account on . If you forget it, it is easy to obtain a reminder.

The intention of the discussion-list PAPY is the occasional exchange of information and questions of interest to papyrologists (Greek, Latin, Coptic, and Demotic) and ancient historians interested in Graeco-Roman Egypt. An important function of the list is the presentation of new publications within our field, very often by the author himself.
We do not bring reviews.
There is no official language. French, German, and Italian frequently occur, but English is useful.
Messages will not be censored before circulation, but since I suppose that the list-owner, (I) will be responsible in some way, please keep the language within the papyrological tradition, i.e. free from abuse and personal insults.

If you need to write Greek, it is nowadays possible to write in unicode.

If a message is ever rejected and you are quite sure that you have not changed your address, please contact me at:
me or the listowner
Yours sincerely
Adam Bülow-Jacobsen

revised 20 October 2008